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What exactly can a 3-year-old child gain after enrolling in a painting class

Painting is very different from other subjects, it’s difficult to quantify the results in scores. But as parents, we’re naturally concerned about whether our children are making progress. Today, our Creative Director Miss Gigi will share the progress of one of our 3-year-old students from their first contact with painting to about a year and a half later. In addition to the beauty of the paintings, she will analyze the gains of the child from aspects such as color, line use, and composition in the paintings, and share the painting process that can’t be seen from the paintings alone.

【Clown】 (First trial class)
This was the first formal contact with painting. The child needed the teacher to guide them stroke by stroke. Their hand muscles were not very steady, so there were blank spaces or overruns in the coloring, and the background was relatively simple. But they were able to depict the characteristics and essence of the main character – the clown.

【Panda】 (Half a year later)
In addition to a richer background than before, they were able to paint two main subjects (pandas), and their brushwork was steady, allowing them to go straight to the paper.

【Big Mouth Bird】 (One year later)
They’ve mastered the skill of filling in the blanks and not going beyond the lines as much. As their small muscles started to strengthen, and their confidence increased, the lines they drew were crisper than before.

【Tram】 (One and a half years later)
Upon first upgrading the class, the composition is richer. As they grow older, they’re able to express some of their own experiences in their paintings.

Have you noticed any commonalities in these four paintings? They were all created by the same child, who loves the color green. In their paintings, you’ll find that green is often chosen as the main color.

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