Art Classes For Kids

All Art Programs including Regular Art Classes, Seasonal Workshops and Summer Courses are designed by our Creative Director and Founder, Miss Gigi. She has been passionate about art since she was young and has over 15 years of experience teaching visual art.

Our art classes are designed to cater the unique needs, interests and abilities of each age group, ensuring a rich and fulfilling experience for kids.

The Importance of Art for Child Development

Art is not just a hobby but also a key component of your kids’ development. Our mission is to unleash your child's potential through art education. By integrating art education, we promote the cultivation of creativity and critical thinking skills that are indispensable for a lifetime.

In-person art education is crucial for fostering an appreciation of the world's inherent beauty, something usually overlooked in today's digital age.

Benefits of Attending Art Class at Early
  • Empowerment through creation and design
  • Observation and understanding of surroundings
  • Understanding colors, shapes, and patterns
  • Problem-solving skills development
  • Hand-eye coordination development
  • Fine motor skills development
  • Expression of emotions through art
  • Building self-confidence
Boosting Academic Performance through Art

Research has shown that art education can enhance children's learning abilities and improve their performance in school. Attending art class can stimulate both Left and Right side of the brain, promote problem-solving skills, boost memory and concentration and improve hand-eye coordination.

It's a fun and effective way to develop the foundational skills needed in traditional subjects like Maths and Science. In Hong Kong's highly competitive educational landscape, utilizing art as a stress-free learning tool is invaluable, as it nurtures creativity and critical thinking without the pressure often found in conventional academic settings.

Art Program
Creative Visual Art Class

Age 2 - 14yrs

Basic Art Class

Age 6yrs+

Seasonl Workshop

Age 2 - 14yrs

Summer Program

Age 2 - 14yrs

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About this is art creative studio

this is art creative studio is located in Causeway Bay, the heart of Hong Kong Island. We have helped thousands of kindergarten and primary school students develop creativity and logical thinking, nurture aesthetic sensitivity and discover the beauty of Art.

Our spacious and relaxing studio is a haven of creativity, equipped with a wide array of art materials and animated teaching videos to cater every little artist. We provide everything your child needs to explore and express their creativity.

Experience the magic of Art by signing up a Trial Class at this is art creative studio, where your child can start their creative adventure.