Zara Dunn, Age 15
Student of 12 years 1 month

*Testimonial by student*

I have been studying painting at this is art creative studio for 12 years, starting from the age of 2, and now I am 15. My enthusiasm for different things is fairly short-lived, however painting at this is art creative studio is the only extracurricular activity I haven't given up. I cherish this place where I have grown up from a little kid.

Here, I am able to try painting with different mediums and learn various painting techniques. Additionally, I do enjoy the teaching approach, which is focused on "Guiding you on how to paint" rather than simply “Making you complete a painting”.

The mentor is both a teacher and a friend for me. Apart from cultivating my art techniques, they also taught me to develop my character and personality through Art. I am able to enjoy moments of tranquility that come from painting. It also made me realize that making mistakes doesn't mean there is no way to "Correct". There is always a solution. I should never easily give up on my own artwork. Making mistakes is a form of learning, and without experiencing mistakes, I won't be able to improve myself.

I cherish the time I spent painting at the studio every week. I am also grateful that this place witnessed my growth, from a kid to a teen.

Jeaselle Chen, Age 8.5
Student of 5 years 2 months
Jonas Chen, Age 7
Student of 3 years 9 months

My two kids have been attending art classes at this is art creative studio since they were 3.5 years old, and now it has been over five years. I am very grateful to have found this is art creative studio and its teachers. The teachers are not only caring and patient but also very professional.

In addition to teaching various drawing techniques, they also emphasize children's creative thinking. They always encourage them to explore and imagine. Before each class, they introduce and share knowledge about the theme of the week with children, which is very beneficial for them. I sincerely thank this ss art for making my children love drawing and enjoy creating!

Lester Cheung, Age 8.5

Student of 3 years 4 months

Lester has joined this is art studio for nearly 3 years now. We can see his passion in arts & drawing skills keep improving day after day. Also, he was lucky enough to win 7 drawing awards so far, which is no doubt a confidence booster for him! When we pick him up from the studio after class, we are always amazed by how lovely his drawings are.

Sincere thanks to all teachers for their top-class patience & guidance to Lester all these years! We would recommend this is art creative studio to all parents who want their kids to become art lovers! ❤️

Charmaine Cheung, Age 5.5

Student of 1 year 4 months

Charmaine has started learning painting at this is art creative studio when she was 4. In just one year, she made great improvement in the use of colors, lines, composition and independent creation!

Now, when there are birthdays or important festivals with family and friends, or when she has made mistakes and needs to apologize, she will automatically draw a picture or give us a card. It’s a really lovely action.

What we unexpected is that Charmaine is a slow to warm up person, but through painting and exposure to different types of art creation, for example, when she participated in “ Street Art Project ” with few dozens of classmates last October. We found that her self-confidence and expressive ability have also improved a lot since then! I am very grateful to all teachers for their guidance to Charmaine, which made her love Art day by day!

Ashton Lau, Age 3.5

Student of 1 year 3 months

My son has joined the art drawing class since 2 years old. Now he is already 3 years old and 3 months. The artworks made in the first month were really unsightly. I once questioned myself whether letting him try drawing at age of 2 was a waste of money and time. The answer was negative until one day when we went to a restaurant, we saw that he could hold a pencil with correct posture and try to write down his English name step by step on a paper. We then realised that drawing was really helpful to his development especially for fine motor skill.

From that moment, his artworks started to improve and we could clearly see what he was drawing. Colours can be filled within lines and shapes are drawn in precise manner. Recently, when he is getting ready to go out, he will usually smile and ask, “ are we going drawing class? ". I do believe he really enjoys and loves the drawing class.

Andrea Chu, Age 6.5

Student of 3 years 1 month

Andrea has been learning from this is art creative studio since 2020, when she was 2.5 years old. this is art creative studio is a great place for her to learn and develop with inspirational and enthusiastic teachers there which allows Andrea to draw and explore at her own pace!

The drawing course is a good mixture of some basic art theories and practice. Kids are introduced with art history and famous art pieces and inspired them with some creative artist-inspiring project. Most importantly, small class size with a warm and friendly atmosphere enables the kids to paint, draw, explore and discuss!


Jeremy Hui, Age 13

Student of 8 years 8 months

We are very glad to meet this is art creative studio.

My son has been learning to draw at this is art since kindergarten. Art Teachers not only patiently teach painting techniques, but also provide creative guidance based on personal characteristics, inspiring children's thinking and cultivating their ability to paint independently.

What I appreciate most is that before teaching a new topic, video about the topic will be played. Students can first understand the content of learning topic, background of the artist and cultural of various countries. In addition to learning painting skills, it can also broaden students’ horizons.

What I look forward to most every week is that I can go learning painting with my son on Sundays. I am grateful that I can find a creative and stress-relieving space in my busy work. The teacher allows me to express my creativity in a relaxed and happy learning atmosphere.

I have been practicing painting at this is art for almost nine years, and the studio has gradually become a small art world that we never want to leave.

Marcel Lee, Age 14
Student of 7 years 5 months

*Testimonial by student*

I first went to this is art when I was about 5 years old(I am now 14). It has grown on me ever since and has become one of my core routines on Sundays. I was a bit nervous at first when I came here since I wasn’t very experienced in art. However, this place lets me discover and explore different types of art and media and I have expanded my knowledge and creativity ever since. This place also introduced me to one of my best friends when we both joined the same class time, which shows that this is not only a place to create independently, but also a place to meet and make friends.

Reflecting all the years I have been here, there are memories to be cherished. Even now in the UK where I live, I still sometimes find myself recalling some of the unforgettable experiences I have been here.