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Creative Visual Art Class

Our most popular painting class which is suitable for children aged 2-14. Students are expected to recognize and learn different painting techniques and art knowledge. Watercolor, Poster Color, Oil pastel, Acrylic, Color Pencil, Chinese Ink etc. are used as painting media.

Specific topic is designed for each lesson. Introduction of topic is given to students in the form of Stories, Animations and Videos at the beginning of the lesson, so they can have a preliminary idea and understanding of the topic before drawing.

There are 6 different levels.


Age 2 - 4.5yrs

From controlled scribbling, to drawing basic shapes, to transforming into simple pictures, it aims to build Fine Motor Skills, learn the correct posture of Holding Pen, develop Hand-eye Coordination and enhance Concentration Level.
  2 Levels:
  • Toddler (2 - 2.5yrs) ***
  • Kiddies (2.5 -4.5yrs)
*** Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver aged 18 or above during class

Age 4.5 - 7 yrs

Creativity, Imagination and Personal Style are getting more important in this stage. Through Observation, Thinking, in-depth Understanding of Objects together with Imagination, transforming what you see and hear into something with personal style.
2 Levels:
  • Observer (4.5 - 6yrs)
  • Discoverer (6 - 7yrs)

Age 7 yrs or above

This stage focuses more on painting technique including Composition, Proportion and various Colouring Skills. Students will also have opportunity to learn Art History and Art Appreciation.

2 Levels:
  • Captain (7 - 9yrs)
  • Legendary (9yrs or above)