Tips for parents

Learning to paint, there is no grading system, no right or wrong

Artistic creation is a craft requiring immersion over years; it’s a reflection of what one sees and hears; and it’s a process where imagination can run wild. So, when every parent asks, “To what extent can one draw over time?” I find it somewhat hard to answer. As time goes on, a child’s progress will continuously rise with their growth, undefined. From my experience as a teacher, people have their own pace, and there’s no shortcut to learning to paint. It’s about cultivating an inner understanding and applying visual techniques — all key points in my teaching! But one thing is certain: I’ve sown seed after seed, laid down fertilizer time and again, and time will show me that each student is progressing. Sometimes, I find they progress at an astonishing speed, faster than I anticipated. So as an art teacher, I dare not slack off and must continually improve myself, because the world is full of so much knowledge!

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