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Acrylic Art Class

Our Acrylic Painting class offers significant benefits that foster both creative and cognitive development for students aged 6 and above:

  • Enhancement of Fine Motor Skills:
    Mastery of brushes and manipulation of paint improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  • Stimulation of Creative Thinking:
    Encouraging the use of imagination, acrylic painting promotes problem-solving and creativity.

  • Promotion of Emotional Expression:
    The use of colors and shapes allows students to articulate complex emotions and thoughts.

  • Development of Patience and Concentration:
    The focused nature of painting enhances attention span and concentration.

  • Opportunities for Decision Making:
    Making choices about colors, textures, and compositions helps students learn consequences and develop critical thinking.

    All these benefits make acrylic painting an invaluable part of young children’ growth, offering a fun and comprehensive educational experience.

Our Acrylic Painting class is designated for students aged 6 and above, and crafted to foster joy and curiosity. With experienced Art instructor leading the class, students are able to dive into the world of color theory, composition, and brushwork, honing their unique artistic voice in an interactive and fun environment.


In our class, we introduce a wide range of acrylic painting techniques suited to different skill levels. Lessons primarily involve acrylic paints on canvas, where foundational skills such as brush handling and color mixing are taught alongside more advanced techniques like wet-on-wet painting and sgraffito etc.